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Terace Garden

Urban homes often lack a yard or a proper garden space. A terrace garden is an incredible way to introduce greenery into your life, home or workspace. Cultivated on a terrace, patio, or rooftop, a terrace garden is the ultimate utilization of space to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home or workspace.

Star Gardens Terrace Garden.jpg

Contemporary Design

A well-designed city terrace can provide an oasis of calm amid the busy urban bustle, but city spaces also come with their own unique set of challenges. A small footprint, restricted access, and an overlooked position are some of the problems that demand clever design solutions.

Complete solution under one roof, Star Gardens will take complete responsibility for design & execution which includes civil work, electrical work, plumbing work metal fabrication, final landscape plantation.

Spacious Terrace Garden

The terrace garden is a relatively new but rapidly adapted lifestyle concept In India. However, the choice available in the market is extremely limited and unorganized.

Star Gardens is an expert in utilizing the space, creating aesthetic and low-maintenance terrace gardens for urban homes.


We create innovative terrace gardens in limited space by designing, define and develop your terrace to convert it into a full-fledged garden, complete with details like lawns, sitting areas, fountains, gravel pathways, plants, vegetable garden, etc.

We are rapidly innovating and expanding our capabilities, allowing our clients amazing design possibilities.

Star Gardens Zen Terrace garden.jpg

Zen Tranquil Terrace Garden

The concept of Asian Garden design is inspired by the Eastern Culture, primarily from Chinese and Japanese Gardens with a slight mix of Indian elements as well.


The idea is the similar to principles of Oriental Gardens, which is to create a harmony between man and nature with the idealized landscape. Use of Low height seating elements with the use of bamboo grooves and Rocks, Buddha sculpture, Lanterns, Pergola, etc.


Brings you closer to nature with a serene feeling in your heart every time you spend your time here.


Ancient Chinese Gardens were strongly connected with poetry and painting and are designed to give an ethereal feeling as you enter into the gardens. This is a very easy garden to be maintained, whether enjoyed from the outdoors, or through windows during cold or wet weather, its ancient beauty transcends all seasons.

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