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Bringing Nature into your Space

For a Happier & Healthier Life

Star Gardens

Star Gardens the Company’s owner and founder set up the business as a natural progression from his family’s traditional involvement in agriculture. Right from the outset, our company’s aim was to design, create and maintain gardens. As the business grew, we established the Star Gardens in 1982. The Star Garden has since functioned as the base for our enterprises.

Our core business activities are the supply and maintenance of Indoor and Outdoor plants, landscape, gardening, Balcony Garden, Terrace Garden, Vertical Garden, landscape design, estimation & maintenance, and general irrigation work. Today the business has grown to become one of the largest landscaping and garden centers in Karnataka & Andra Pradesh.

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Green Roofs

The Total Green Area Covered 27,00,000 sq. ft. Details (2014 to 2022)

Total Green Area covered   - 27 lakhs sq. ft. (63 Acres)
Total Trees Planted - 1, 04,000 Trees
Total Shrubs Planted  - 3, 40,000 Shrubs
Total Ground Cover - 6, 85,000 Ground Cover
Some of the Finished Project Details:-

Casa Grande Luxus KR Puram – 12 Acres
VA Tech Wabag 20MLD Agara HSR Layout – 2 Acres
VA Tech Wabag 90MLD Challagatta – 16 Acres
VA Tech Wabag 120MLD Panathur – 23 Acres
VA Tech Wabag 50MLD Mangalore – 5 Acres
Some of the Ongoing Project Details:-

VA Tech Wabag 150MLD Challagatta – 32 Acres
VA Tech Wabag 60MLD Mangalore – 9 Acres

We offer our services on a turnkey basis and take entire responsibility for soft landscaping and also hardscape gardening services and we execute the services work to the fullest satisfaction.

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Plants on Hire
Terrace Garden
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Landscape Design
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Indoor Plants
Star Gardens Vertical Garden .jpg
Vertical Gardening
Kitchen Garden
Star Gardens Balcony Garden.jpg
Balcony Garden
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Office Plants

Our Valuable Clients

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Make Your Garden Beautiful

We make getting plants for your workplace quick and easy. Here’s how it works…

Plants On Hire

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Step 1 – Design meeting

The first steps to book your design consultation. this is a no-obligation chat to discuss ideas and options for your scheme, and for us to advise on the office plants that are best suited to the conditions in each space.

Step 2 – Delivery and installation

Should you wish to go ahead when we deliver and install your office plants. We prepare everything in advance so there’s no hassle or disruption to you.

Step 3 – Regular Maintenance

Once installed, we visit regularly to maintain the plant's displays and ensure they look great. if a plant suffers a natural failure or outgrown its position then we replace it for free.

Star Gardens Provides wide range of Garden products like Pots, Seeds, Tools etc. We make innovative gardening products for the needs of urban Gardeners. Low Price Guarantee. Best Quality Assured. Easy Returns. Pan India Delivery.

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