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Star Gardens Product High temperature fired ceramic, high precision machine made and glazed, with Amazing quality special clay to ensure durability and longevity. Suitable for International climate. Comes with a WATER DRAINAGE HOLE at the bottom that allows water to flow through soil so live plants stay happy and healthy Clean finish for contemporary look, with International design concept, A positive and eco-friendly gift Item for any nature or gardening enthusiast and hobbyist. Ceramic table top pots Machine made planters with high precision, pots for indoor plants, outdoor, succulent pots, bonsai pots planters, garden, home, office, pots for plants, ceramic pot small, pots plant container, pots plants for balcony, flower ceramic pots for garden, balcony, living room, garden, money plant, home d├ęcor from Star Gardens. IDEAL for herbs, succulent, indoor and outdoor plants both real and artificial. Imagine this exotic planter pot in your home balcony, table top, window sills, kitchen garden, and office desk and anywhere as a decor.


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